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Comic #133


Hey guys, here's a new comic! This comic is almost directly transcribed from a dream that I had. I told some people about the dream, and someone mentioned that it sounded like an Unwinder comic, and I decided that I might as well use it as one. Seriously, this dream was barely edited for suitability. I did skip some lead-in, and the part where Barbecue Sauce is angsty about girls is completely fabricated.



I have a job offer apparently in the works (long story), and I should be working again by this time next week! This came in the nick of time, because I'm seriously flat broke. I am disastrously out of money, and the hosting bill needs to get paid. If you want to see more Tall Comics, now would be a great time to put a little money in the tip jar! Otherwise the website will disappear, and a domain squatter will buy tallcomics.com, and I'll have to pay eight thousand dollars to get it back when I have money again.

Oh, also, this seems like as good a time as any to mention that Unwinder's Tall Comics has a Facebook page. If you follow it, I'll tell you when the updates go up, and sometimes you'll get bonus material, like mini-comics and behind-the-scenes artwork! It's also a good way for me to know if any new people have discovered this comic.
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