A mom and her son (about ten years old) are in Jingle and Croon’s apartment. Croon is sitting at an electric piano on a stand.
Mom: Braxlyn doesn’t want to take piano lessons anymore. He’s decided he hates the instrument.
Braxlyn: I hate it.

Croon: That’s fine, it’s not for everyone. He can go home, I won’t bill you for coming in today.

Mom: No, he’ll take one last lesson. I have an oil change booked.
Croon: Very well.


Croon: Well, I was going to have you work on the Venetian Gondolier’s Song, but I assume you’re not doing the recital.
Braxlyn: Right.

Croon: What would be useful to you? What do you want the last thing you learn about piano to be?
Braxlyn: I guess I’d like to learn how to disassemble the piano and put it away.

Croon: All right, see this? This is the power supply. You unplug it from the wall, and then unplug it from here.
Braxlyn: I see.

Croon: Then this stand folds up like this. You can ignore this step if you have a different kind…

Croon: If you still have the box it came in, you can put it back in the box. Otherwise you could stand it against a wall in a closet or attic.

Braxlyn: What if I want to throw it in the trash?
Croon: Maybe try a tall kitchen wastebasket like this one.
Braxlyn: Show me how.

Croon: I’m sure you know how to put something in the trash.
Braxlyn: I don’t!

Croon: All right, you set it in there, like this.
Braxlyn: And then do you take the trash out to the garbage can outside?
Croon: Bingo.

Braxlyn: Show me!
Croon looks a little bit exasperated.


Croon has placed the piano in a big green garbage can by the road.
Croon: …And then after you set it in the garbage can, you leave it there. Any questions?
Braxlyn: No.

(Croon starts removing her piano from the garbage can.)
Croon: All right, that’s the whole lesson.
Braxlyn: Wait! Leave it there! I want to see how to leave it!

Croon looks sidelong at something off-panel.

We see a garbage truck approaching on the street.

Croon: There’s no trick to it, you just don’t take it out. You go do something else.

Croon is taking the piano out again.
Braxlyn: No! Wait! Leave it! You’re confusing me! I’m trying to learn!

We see Croon looking sidelong again at the garbage truck, looking uncomfortable. It’s getting closer.